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So here are the rest of the photos from last weekend. I love President’s Day Weekend… always nice to have a long weekend in the middle of February. We decided to make the most of the weird winter we have been experiencing out west and went backcountry skiing all 3 days. We hit Galena Summit Saturday and Sunday and then decided to try something a little closer to town on Monday and hit the slopes above Cathedral Pines Campground. All the snow skied well everyday – very surprising given the crazy temperature swings and mixed sun and snow cycles.

This past weekend, my wife and I went backcountry skiing at Galena Summit, Idaho – which is located about 30 miles north of Sun Valley, Idaho. The day prior was bitterly cold down in the valleys and we expected that weather all weekend. I think the temperature was about -5° F when we woke up. However, when we got up to the pass, the sun was out and the temperature was a balmy +25° F and it almost felt like a spring day in the mountains. We had a fantastic day skiing fresh powder runs on low angle slopes in an area called “Wishbone.” We avoided any slopes above 30° given the weak layers in the snow from cold, dry spells earlier in the season and the persistent avalanche danger. We’ll definitely be back up there for more!

Some photos from the day: