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We had the great fortune to be camping the night of the “super-moon” in the City of Rocks, Idaho. The moon lived up to all the hype about how bright it was. We lucked out and had zero clouds in the sky all night. Here are some photos – believe it or not, these were all taken at night.

+ high-res version

Here are some more photos from our flight last weekend in the Owyhee Mountains, Idaho. It is an amazingly remote area that sees little traffic compared to the rest of Idaho. What an amazing way to watch a sunrise as the earth awakens (we probably awoke some campers as we ripped by at 120 mph). Enjoy!

Early morning in a Helicopter touring the Owyhee Mountains
Parma Idaho at sunrise


+ high-res version

Earlier this year I had a ski trip fall through and I ended up not taking a vacation day at work. The weather was fantastic – so good that I decided to go fly fishing on the Owyhee River instead of backcountry skiing for a mental health day. I went fishing with my dog (Moose, who is a Pudelpointer). He was pretty good, but would only stay on the bank for 15 minutes at a time. After that he came crashing into the water looking for whatever was swimming around. Overall a great day in the middle of winter and not a bad week because I got to backcountry ski, mountain bike and fly fish all within 6 days. Oh yeah, I worked a bit in the middle of all that!

Here are some of the photos I snapped on the river:

Pudelpointer pointing
Owyhee River at really low flows
Pudelpointer pointing at a chukar

After almost a year, the beast is out of the shop and ready to rock. I took the sled for a maintenance test ride on both Saturday and Sunday. While the storm was not really hitting Sun Valley with its full might, up near Dollarhide Summit there was about a foot of fresh snow and I was the first person to ride down the trail. I almost forgot how much fun it is to rip down a trail with 12 inches of fresh snow at 60 m.p.h.

The next day I went out Baker Creek on the last test drive and did a recon for some good backcountry skiing areas. I found some. I’ll be back later this year with skis and skins ready to schralp!

Here is the sled below Dollarhide:

Snowmachining  up Warm Springs Road on the way to Dollarhide Summit

All ready to load back up in the truck after the first ride:

loading the snowmobile in Sun Valley, Idaho