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Last weekend we had the pleasure of floating the Nelchina and Tazlina rivers in South-Central Alaska. The rivers are located just on the northern side of the Chugach Mountain Range. We had 8 people, 1 dog, too much gear, and 4 different boats – two 16′ rafts, a packraft, and a whitewater canoe. The Little Nelchina was pretty small for a big raft, the Nelchina was a calm and smooth glacial river, Tazlina Lake was a great booze cruise with a 5 h.p. outboard, and the Tazlina River we had some good waves and a quick pace. Overall a 78 mile¬†high quality float and good times had by all (possibly too good of a time). Some images from the trip…

One of my favorite videos from this summer was the one we created of the trip down the South Fork of the Boise river on our annual office trip. The video became our office entry into the video contest for Aire Rafts. Unfortunately the video was disqualified for language. enjoy!

Here is the link to check out all the videos