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After almost a year, the beast is out of the shop and ready to rock. I took the sled for a maintenance test ride on both Saturday and Sunday. While the storm was not really hitting Sun Valley with its full might, up near Dollarhide Summit there was about a foot of fresh snow and I was the first person to ride down the trail. I almost forgot how much fun it is to rip down a trail with 12 inches of fresh snow at 60 m.p.h.

The next day I went out Baker Creek on the last test drive and did a recon for some good backcountry skiing areas. I found some. I’ll be back later this year with skis and skins ready to schralp!

Here is the sled below Dollarhide:

Snowmachining  up Warm Springs Road on the way to Dollarhide Summit

All ready to load back up in the truck after the first ride:

loading the snowmobile in Sun Valley, Idaho